R.E.A.L. HOPE Campaign


Designed as one of two service oriented campaigns under the scope of our mission, the Real HOPE campaign focuses on projects that serve to provide hope and relief to disparate families and communities.   Our debut 2016 REAL Hope Campaign involved a collaboration with Families First for our Adopt-a-Mommy Initiative and for 2017, a partnership with MedShare International, a humanitarian aid non-profit that sources and delivers surplus medical supplies and equipment to communities in need around the world. The 2017 campaign set the bar for service and hands-on giveback for our organization. Our 2018 contributions can also be seen in our gallery below!

adopt-a-mommy Initiative


Future events within the Real HOPE campaign will be detailed under Events as they are scheduled by the Living Real Team. 

Check out our images below and look out for more volunteer opportunities with Team Living REAL in the future!


MedShare plaque showing the countries slated to receive the materials packed on the day of event.