Living REAL aims to empower youth to pursue excellence while nurturing and rebuilding their dreams, instilling inextinguishable hope, and creating a vision for their future.


Our target youth population is categorized as "Generation Z", falling within the ages of 13 to 18.


Some of the world's greatest potential contributors will never reach their full capacity due to limited or no access to education funds, healthcare, or basic economy driven poverty, and other sub-standard living conditions.


Living REAL's plan of assistance through the HIS Kids is built around the 3 E's, our three core areas:

1. Understanding your ESSENCE.

We believe that in order for one to become who they were created to be, they have to understand who they are and where they are going.

2. Pursuing your EDUCATIONAL goals.

We also believe that being aware of how knowledge impacts your future is integral to building a successful plan for your future.

3. Investing in EXTRACURRICULAR activities

Lastly, we believe that understanding how your talents can be used to improve your life and your community is key to pursuing excellence.

Since the needs of the children slightly differ between the local and the abroad populations, actions to help will also differ accordingly:

Locally, we will work to:

  • Rebuild essence/vision of the kid(s) by developing goals.
  • Instill hope via strengthening education/extracurricular activities
  • Create vision via Resource Center to aid in continuing cycle of improving skill sets with future goals of improving communities

Our work abroad will focus on:

  • Rebuilding Ikot Ekpeyak Secondary School, reducing distractions and/or hindrances to learning and development of goals.
  • Instill hope by focusing on infrastructure of school (ie school books/uniforms, etc).
  • Creating vision via focusing on long term goals of rebuilding local community by strengthening kids career goals.


Current Local HIS Kids REAL Empowerment Program Projects:

His Kids Real Empowerment Scholarship - Selected for this year's scholarships are two exemplary students whose lights shine so brightly, they were indeed hard to miss.  Living REAL was able to identify, select, and jump right into the new school year with the chance to help these two kids where they each needed the most help!  Each student was awarded a $1K scholarship to be divided and given out each quarter of the year.  We also stayed in alignment with the Initiative by working with kids and their parents to develop plans of guidance and success for the remainder of the school year.

Click HERE to meet our 2017 awardees!